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I am a colorist. When I start painting, I have no idea what I'm going to do. My subconscious mind pulls the paints...pulling these ideas out. The balance, design and textures are all reflections of my inner "spirit" -- Bren Quiett Reisch

Versatility. Color. Excitement. A little something that’s different, yet familiar. An unusual texture creating something you’ve never seen before... Something that makes you smile .. And wonder.

Bren’s work has its roots in abstract expressionism ... But her versatility in expressing herself leaves all traditional boundaries behind and propels the observer into an explosion of fun and merriment.

Spontaneous. Unplanned. Unspoiled. The lifelong artistic search for continuous perfection in every piece has propelled Bren into the company of collectors and artists alike who grow, as she does, to appreciate and refine the artwork that is now becoming identifiable in galleries and homes of those seeking something ... A little different, and very special.

Special Achievements

Eternal Light
"Eternal Light"

Published in "Exploring Color"
by Nita Leland Revised Edition

In Remembrance of Me
"In Remembrance of Me"

(limited edition print) published in England (magazine and calendar)


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The artist has ventured into  photography ( See some great photos posted in the Print and Photo Gallery) and most recently into Digital Watercolors (See newest work in this catagory in the Original Gallery).   Would you like more indepth information on the artist? Read this article in the newsletter of songsfromthevalley.com for the complete story.   Showing held on Friday March 18, 2011 at Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, was a great success.  
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